Lance Colins - CEO / Pedorthist / Founder 

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​CBC Foot Products Ltd. 

Home of The Shoemate® Custom Orthotic 

Lance's story began in 1978, when he was introduced to custom-made orthotics. After he studied orthotics under Dr. George Alznner, he immediately knew he had discovered his passion and focus. With the full support of his loving wife, Cindey Colins, who he has been happily married to since 1962, he made this pursuit a lifelong commitment to her, his career, and finally, his clients.

After many years of trial and error, he obtained a patent on his own orthotic called The Shoemate® Orthotic in 1982.  

Fast forward to 2019, 37 years since the conception of The Shoemate®, and CBC's reputation runs deep globally from a lifelong commitment to quality and patient results. 

 Lance Colins named his aspiring company in 1982 after his wife’s monogram C.B.C. because she was his driving force to succeed. At CBC Foot Products, Lance has spent over 37 years perfecting and refining custom-made orthotics. Firmly stand behind his methodology and The Shoemate® Orthotic - so much that we offer a lifetime guarantee and warranty on the product and service.

 To date, Lance has helped the quality of life for over 200,000 clients globally.